Episode Epilogue: "Too Old For This...Hiatus"

Hello everyone,

Jeff and I have decided to end the weekly podcast for the time being. No drama, no exciting story to tell, we just both felt that it was time to put it on the shelf and call it a good run.

A year ago, we set out to make a show that we wanted to listen to and did exactly that. We kicked out a mostly regular & always high quality show that was a hell of a lot of fun to make. During its run, a bunch of our friends and listeners formed a community over at Google+ that's by far our favorite place to hang out on the internet. We'll still be over there sharing, joshing, and arguing about dumb stuff as intelligently as we can. There will also be hangouts...oh man, the hangouts. You've gotta get into one of those.

As for this site, I'll leave it up for about a month before redirecting the URL to the community page. The shows will more then likely find a new home at another site. For updates on that, follow our Twitter or Facebook accounts.

So, there ya go. Thanks for letting us hang out with you for 37 episodes. It was a hoot.

Cheers - Chris & Jeff