Episode 4: "Too Old For This... Summer"

In this episode, Chris revisits his PS3, Jeff checks out the Zite app, we unveil a brand new segment, we break down all of the summer movies we need to see/avoid, and throw a couple more beer recommendations to the wind. ATTENTION: To avoid Avengers spoilers, skip from 35.00 through 42:53


PS Mini Recommendations - Velocity & Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims

"Top 3 Audio Podcasts Not Produced by 1UP or Our Friends"

Chris's picks - My Brother, My Brother, and Me (Pre-Maximum Fun), Idle Thumbs, and 99% Invisible

Jeff's picks -  Tech News Today, Weekend Confirmed, and The Official Lost Podcast

The 2012 summer movie list

Avengers review

Geary Brewing

Hampshire Special Ale