The New Disruptors

If you make things and put them in front of people, you know the deal. It's a tough gig. You've got obstacles as far as your mind can see, negative self-talk to overcome, constraints to work around, time to steal from those you love, and, sometimes, you just need to be reminded why you're putting yourself through the grinder.

A new show by Glenn Fleishman called The New Disruptors should do the trick. Glenn, the Managing Editor of The Magazine, sits down with cool people who are making cool things, had their lumps, and are stoked to get back out and do it again. Most interview shows bore me to tears but this one has won me over.

While you're at it, be sure to check out some of the other shows on the Mule Syndicate. I like what Mike Monteiro and crew are doing with their podcast network. Notable stand outs are Let's Make Mistakes, a show by and for web designers, and The Talk Show, where John Gruber and a guest chat about current events in the digital landscape.