the Sketchnote Handbook

I'm a sucker for tips on how to make the mundane more interesting. Note taking has always been something I've always had to do. The act if writing something down helped me remember it...but that's it. Never would I return to them and, if I did, I had little memory of the context. Thus, worthless scratches.

Then along came "sketchnotes", a far superior method of taking notes.

Mike Rohde's book is an excellent primer for those looking to get started. Throughout the book, you'll find many examples of how other people "sketchnote" which serves as a great tip pool. I recommend picking up the "video version" of the book as it comes with a code to stream some nifty instructional videos created by Mike, himself. There's also a Flickr group worth checking out, to boot.

Your next stop should be RSA Animate and see what's possible at higher levels.