Newsted: Metal

Do you dig Metallica, Motorhead, and Black Sabbath? Cool, so does Jason Newsted. The difference is, he was actually in one of those bands (Metallica, dummy), so when he decides to finally release new metal music, it's something to which you may want to pay attention. (He's released a bunch of music since he left Metallica ten years ago, but this is the first that can honestly be called metal. In fact, it is called Metal. Pretty sneaky, Jason)

Rather than bombard you with every song he's written since forever, Jason has decided to go lo-fi, DIY and record a 4-song EP with two of his buds in his home studio and quickly release it on iTunes.

The strategy pays off, as what you get here is four tracks of old-school, no frills metal in the style of the bands mentioned above. Sure, everything sort of sounds like something you've heard before, and the lyrics are alternately interesting and corny, but so what? I'll take derivative and quality over experimental and bullshit every day of the week.

Plunk down the four bucks, turn it up, and enjoy.