Locke & Key

The value proposition of a graphic novel is dicey. When I drop $15-$20 on a book, I usually get a one time, 20 minute read in return and then it sits on my shelf, indefinitely. This means I'm typically waiting for blow-out sales or for my local library to carry it for me to bite.

Every time a Locke & Key hardcover is released, I pay full retail without hesitation.

If you weren't already aware of Joe Hill's lineage before reading this, you'd swear he was Stephen King's heir apparent. His beats and pacing are on par with pop's but it's his grasp of writing for the comics medium that puts him ahead in my eyes. Match this with Gabriel Rodriguez's detailed but stylized artwork that's both organic and mechanical enough to accurately reflect the story's dark tone, you're left with a series that simply never disappoints.

Winner of my "Most Asbestos Comic" for 2012.