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Kentucky Route Zero

I've never been much for "indie" anything: film, music, cars*? Nope, nope, and fuck nope. That said, I'm finding a lot of fun to be had in indie games these days.

I talk about this on the show in Episode 27, but I wanted to post this here in case you're lazy and couldn't find the website for the game on your own. Click on the picture. You're welcome.

I really enjoyed my play-through of Act 1, and honestly I'm not even sure why. Something about the atmosphere, the art style, and the writing just clicked for me. I'm anxiously awaiting future Acts. Hopefully by the time Act 2 hits, the game will be Steam-ready, which will make managing future episodes a bit simpler.

A word of warning: the game unceremoniously dumps you to the desktop at the end of the Act. You haven't done anything wrong, it's supposed to do what. Weird? Yes. But not broken.

Try the first episode, it's only seven bucks, takes about ninety minutes to play; you can't really go wrong. I'm curious what others think about it. Lemme know.

*I know it's "Indy" cars. Some of these are jokes, people.