Episode 121: Too Old For This...Nindy

Jay and AJ talk about the joys of a new MacBook, the Nintendo Indie Showcase, AJ's new job, the weird Mario and Rabbids crossover that shouldn't work but does, and the reasons why being an adult sucks by not letting you take spontaneous Disney trips because it would be "irresponsible."

Episode 119: Too Old For This...Sandwich

The food themed episodes continue. We've all seen Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, what did we think? Sonic Mania has been released and AJ is excited, Ducktales is back and Jay is excited, and an impromptu discussion about dinner goes horribly, horribly awry. Check it out!

SPOILER WARNING: If you want to avoid Guardians 2 spoilers, skip from 20:00 through 29:10. 

DISCLAIMER: We had some audio issues with the tech that powers the show. You may notice a few hiccups or sync issues. We've done the best we can to edit around it so we could release a show for you this week. Thanks for understanding.